1. For production from scratch, we assist in the approval of the reference sample.
  2. We guarantee to minimize the risks in working with Chinese suppliers. We are constantly improving our quality control system. Experienced engineers are able to detect defects at any stage of production.
  3. We carry out quality inspections in accordance with ISO2859 (AQL) through spot checks. The inspection is carried out by the following parameters: weight, packaging/labeling, dimensions, surface, functionality. In addition, we are ready to carry out checks in accordance with specific requirements.
  4. Monitoring the loading of goods. We check that the container is intact and free of defects before loading the goods into the container. We carefully monitor the loading process, i.e. stacking and placing the goods inside the container, making sure there is as little free space as possible, recalculating numbers and checking with the order data. At the end of the loading process, we check the sealing and closing mechanisms. Important – at each stage of container loading we take report photos.
  5. We can confidently say that we are ready to take over the project of any level of complexity. Our experience has proven it more than once.