Tiles for the pool bottom and wall lining

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from $8/m2
from $8/m2

Glossy ceramic tiles for pool bottom and wall lining.


Glossy ceramic tiles are designed for lining the bottom and walls of the pool. It has a slightly different composition than conventional tiles for wall decoration. In its manufacture, technologies that reduce porosity and increase the density of the material are used.

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Dimensions Packaging method 1 Packaging method 2
244*119*9 mm 32 pcs./ctn. (Gross weight 1 ctn. = 17.4 kg.) 72 ctns./1 pallet (volume = 1 m3, gross weight = 1273 kg.)
240*115*9 mm 36 pcs./ ctn. (Gross weight 1 ctn. = 18.5 kg.) 72 ctns./1 pallet (volume = 1 m3, gross weight = 1352 kg.)